What’s in a name?

  • On the one hand, “The Girl’s Got Balls” means the girl is juggling all the balls in her life. She is trying to balance being a wife and a Mom, while managing grocery shopping, household finances and laundry along with the tremendous demands of being a successful marketing executive where she probably also serves as a “Mom” to a team of employees.
  • On the other hand, “The Girl’s Got Balls” also means she is bold and decisive in her role as a successful businesswoman. She takes pride in doing things that others are afraid to do and people admire her courage, ambition and achievements.



People often ask me, “Why are you doing this?”

The short answer: I’m simply at a point in my life where I’m asking, “How am I going to make other people’s lives better?”

The long answer: I feel strongly that busy marketing Moms are amazing women on an incredible journey. We’re pursuing careers and goals in a fast-paced industry. In fact, sometimes we’re just trying to keep our heads above water and survive. We’re leaders. We’re creative problem solvers. We have amazing ideas to share with the world. AND, we’re trying to raise great kids. All at the same time!

In addition to providing practical tips that have worked for me, The Girl’s Got Balls blog addresses the unique challenges, emotions, joys and frustrations that busy marketing Moms wake up to bravely face each day. My hope is that this platform serves as a source of encouragement to other busy marketing Moms as we pursue the ultimate quest of finding peace, fulfillment and happiness in both our personal and professional lives.


The Girl's Got Balls Values

We've got your BACC!

OK, so it’s not spelled quite the same, but you get the point!




Be bold. Be sassy. The Girl’s Got Balls is a place for those who are willing to be decisive, take action and create change in our lives. In doing so, we want to support one another in finding the courage required to create change, to stand up for ourselves and give voice to our needs.



We strive to be our authentic selves no matter what the situation. We speak our truth in a compassionate way. We set appropriate boundaries. We keep our center and don’t let another person’s chaos affect us. At The Girl’s Got Balls, we encourage each other to embrace our intuition and inner wisdom as we confidently step into our own power.



At The Girl’s Got Balls, compassion is defined as: “understanding without judgment.” And, it all starts with showing this degree of kindness to ourselves. Many of us – myself included – are WAY to hard on ourselves. The Girls’s Got Balls Community is a place where we can share our struggles and seek support from others who have walked in our shoes. That being said, this is definitely NOT a place to simply complain and wallow in our own misery. Instead, we want to find a way to let go of the things that no longer serve us.



The Girl’s Got Balls creates a place for like-minded women to connect, learn from and support one another in the pursuit of the ultimate quest: finding peace, fulfillment and happiness in both our personal and professional lives.

What you can expect

BLOG: You can expect one new blog post each week. If you Join the Club, each post will be delivered right to your email inbox.

PODCAST: I will be launching the podcast later this year. After that, you can expect one new episode each week.

COMMUNITY: I will be hanging out on The Girl’s Got Balls Facebook Community and participating in the discussion on a regular basis. You can expect to connect with me there!